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Whiteboard Animation videos help you achieve it.


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Convert those leads into loyal customers.


Stand out from the crowd of competitors.



There are two main factors that affect the price:

The Length Of The Video

The longer the video, the longer it takes to make the video animation. We have a rate per second. A two minute video costs exactly twice as much as a one minute video

Full Color Video

You can have a full color video, with an extra cost of 30€ per frame.

1800 USD/minute, or 25 usd/sec

Include 6-10 frames, that is one complete image that takes 6-10 sec to be drawn

In the video realization is included:

Realization of Script and Storyboard

Our team will take care of writing your story and giving life to your words in a persuasive way

Professional narrative voice

All voices are recorded in the audio room by professional actors/speakers. The voice must excite the listener

Original video

All videos are created new starting from the agreed text

Commercial release

You will be the owner of your video and you can use it as you wish

Satisfaction guarantee

An unhappy customer is not an option for us

Insertion of Your Logo

The videos will be personalized with your logo to amplify your brand

Only with you have the following characteristics

Unlimited Revisions

At each stage of the video animation creation process (text, voice, animation) you are entitled to unlimited revisions. With unlimited revisions you will get the doodle video animation you need. Unsatisfied customer is not an option for us. If changes to previously approved steps are requested, they can be made at the additional costs estimated at the time of requests and it will therefore be possible to accept or reject them.

Money Back Guarantee

If the video animation does not meet your standards for any reason it means we haven’t done our job! An unhappy customer is not an option for us.
In case of approval of the script, 20% of the cost of the video animation will be retained and the remainder will be refunded. In case of approval of the voice over, 40% of the cost of the video animation will be retained and the remainder will be refunded

Commercial Rights

Upon final payment you will receive a release for all files delivered for any type of disclosure, excluding radio and television rights, without any extra request for money for the work done. You can publish it on all communication channels in the online world. In case you want to transmit the video animation on radio-television media, you will have to pay for the voice rights.

Commercial Terms

Billing will take place based on the actual length of the video.
The prices shown are excluding VAT Payment methods: 50% advance payment at the order, rest of the payment upon acceptanceof the video animation


How Long To Make a Video?

Normally we need 5-6 weeks for the realization of the whiteboard doodle animation. To this you must add the time it takes for you to answer the questionnaire and the requested revisions.
Do you need an urgent creation?
With an extra cost we can give priority to your project and carry it out within 3 weeks.

How Long Should a Video Be?

It must be long enough to tell your story. If 30 seconds are enough to tell your service or product, your video doesn’t have to be half an instant longer. If you need 3 minutes, that’s fine. The only thing that matters is what you are telling. If you need that time to tell the story, take that time. The duration of the video is like a tight-fitting dress, it must cover exactly the minimum necessary.
Do you want to know how long your video will be.
Indicatively, 120-150 words equals one minute of video. Or just read the text aloud to get an estimate of the length of the video.

Can you do a video in any language?

Yes we have done video in most main languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian. We can do it in almost any language you require. In case you require the same video in more than one language keeping the same animation the cost of video animation in the language next to the first is 40% of the value of the video. It includes:
– translation
– professional voice over
– sync of the video
– if there is any script in the video, it will be in the new language

Can you delivery the video animation much faster?

Yes we can deliver in 3 weeks asking our team to work extra hours and in the weekend. It will cost an additional 30% on the cost of the video animation.

Can I have a video without the hand?

Yes, you can. At the same price of the standard video.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, a 50% deposit is required before we start the realization of the video animation. Check few slides before our Money Back Guarantee for further details.

Can I have any number of frame?

Yes, each additional frame to the 6 frame per minute cost 200€ each.

Can I have subtitles?

Yes you can have subtitles if required.



Maybe you know exactly what you want your video to communicate, or maybe you have no clue. No problem: our questions will help you identify all the key points so that we can tell your story in the best way.

Step #2 - SCRIPT

Our professional copywriters will turn the information you gave us into a compelling narrative. Rhythm, style and length of the script will perfectly fit the doodle animation.


This step will bring ideas to life through the use of powerful and explanatory images. Your requests and prompts will be used by our graphic designers to generate a hand-sketched sequence of your video.

Step #4 - VOICE OVER

Our professional copywriters will turn the information you gave us into a compelling narrative. Rhythm, style and length of the script will perfectly fit the doodle animation.


It’s time for your video to come to life. Our experienced animators will combine all of the previous elements together and create a 100% tailor-made whiteboard animation.

Step #6 - EDITING

Success lies in the details, and we take care of all of them. We will add the right music and effects to your video, as well as making sure that the sound and images are perfectly synchronized.

Nothing is left to chance, when you ask



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“You are innovative but simple at the same time! By publishing the video on Facebook, we immediately gained more visibility!”


    "Congratulations on the work done. Since I inserted the video animation on socials, I have obtained an improvement of my brand and also an increase in turnover. Keep going like this. You are really brilliant "


      "I don't think I have ever invested my money more efficiently and effectively in anything I have ever invested in. I have gained already so much popularity from the video that is ABSOLUTELY priceless. I appreciate that you do everything to make an outstanding video animation"

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        Everything else you need to know..

        – Our whiteboard animation service includes unlimited revisions: we want you to be completely satisfied.
        – Our team is composed by professional collaborators only: for us, animations are serious business.
        – We don’t use default templates for the videos: everything you’ll see is original and customized.
        – We offer you a money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the final result: that’s because we know you are going to love it. And your clients will, too.

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